Gaming Monitors: All Hype?

I built a gaming pc. I wanted the best bang for the buck while getting a gaming pc that would be good for a few years to come. I did tons of research on all the parts and ended up making a killer gaming pc. I put an AMD 8550 cpu in it with a water cooler so I could safely over clock it to 5.0GHz. I also put 32 gigs of ram in it!! I was going to grab just any monitor but I seen that there were a ton of choices. I thought all the selection was just branding hype and they were all the same. I found out I was wrong. I figured I had better do some research, and I’m glad I did. I found out that there was a ton of specs I had never heard of. I ended up reading a ton of monitor reviews before picking my gaming monitor. I found out that there are different frame rates, and that is why some look choppy when you play movies and games. I also found out there are a lot of different sizes, some as small as 17″ and some as large as 32″! I had seen a multi monitor setup and I knew that I wanted a three monitor setup. I found a BGMHQ site that talked about Eyefinity at This review site helped me pick my thin bezel 27″ gaming monitors. I got the silver asus thin bezels with a 2ms response time and I love them. I cant use the triple monitor setup when playing xbox, but pc games are awesome, and I do a lot of coding. Having multiple screens while coding is a must!  I play assassins creed and dirt 3 and it is amazing on triple gaming screens! It’s like you are actually in the car driving 100 mph on a dirt road through the woods!!

SEO plays an important role in the business marketing

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Many website providers are aiming to attain first position in the search results but their goal can be achieved only with the help of a seattle seo. The seo are simple professionals who work for the improvement of website; their methods and activities will make the website a high quality one and provide reasonable success rates. The main reason why a business should be invested in seo is the techniques used by a professional will do wonders in the website, the case studies made in the seo work had proved this.  The seo will work on image, text, video and audio searches and the success rate will affect all the search engines available in the internet.

When we compared with the cost which is associated with the forms, pay per click and social marketing and etc, seo provides very good (the best) cost effective solution to the business owner. The pay per click may enhance your business revenue and social media help to give a good image. But apart from that the natural or organic seo will do wonders in your business and it provides faster growth to your business. Getting your website worked on by a front end developer that understands the way seo works is very important. Search engine ratings place an important role in our business revenue because some of the customers search online reviews before making a purchase. Therefore if you want to locate the website in the business marketing world then you to get help from the seo because he is the person who have ability to achieve success to our business.

People who have competitors in their business should be very keen in using seo, because if the customers find your competitor to be the best then they will opt for their service instead of choosing your site. The mobile bandwidth raise and improving local search optimization plays an important role in seo services this help a business site to attain good sales rate from mobile customers. By using local search optimization people we can target the local customers present in our city or country. I like people at phoenix seo.

Improving content quality using seo tactics

Google and many other search engines used to update their search algorithm in every short period. And this algorithm change will affect the search results ranking of our website because of the content quality present in our site. This quality can be improved with the help of seo because they are highly specialized people who are very unique in content creation thus their content will help to get good website ranking.

Using a Seattle seo expert
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People should understand that the seo is never ending process so choosing them for modifying our website is a wiser idea. Do not take seo services out of your site because it will create bigger loss in your website and it will affect your competition. Know how to survive in the internet marketing world, go ahead of your competitors and win many customers with the help if seo. Thus why waiting for implement seo process in your website and attain higher success rates. If you’re ready to move forward with your business marketing please visit for all your seo needs.

Xbox 360 Hacked!!

Did you know that the xbox 360 can be hacked? they call it the jtag xbox 360, and it’s awesome!! It basically turns the xbox into a personal computer! You can play games off the hard drive, as well as putting a huge 2tb hard drive in it as well!! The biggest stock hard drive for the xbox 360 I could find was 250 gigs! I got one at this gaming gear website for a few hundred bucks, and put 70 xbox 360 games on it over the last two weeks! I saved like $10,000! it also came with xex menu as well as freestyle dashboard. I can play online with other people with hacked systems…I had no idea that there were so many people with this out there!! I had never even heard of it till my cousin told me about them a few months ago. I play a lot of grand theft auto and there are tons of hacks that you can load!! I have also been crushing it on halo 4 too!! I never thought I’d get more than 10 kills playing online multiplayer, but with these awesome hacks like infinite ammo and 300% life I’m getting 25 kills or more all the time!! I think there are few places to get these hacked xboxes but the best one I found is at . These guys offer 1tb hard drives that fit like stock as well as some awesome rapid fire controllers. Peace out and I’ll write more later!!